I’m obsessed with ice cream. Can you tell?

My name is Hannah Oppenheimer, and I’ve been an ice cream addict since, well, the womb. By age 11, I was eating half gallons on my own. I heard whispers of unhealthiness, so I took “a year off” eating ice cream. After a successful year, filled with nightmares of accidental slips of the spoon, I held a big ice cream social to celebrate my sober achievement. I signed my friends’ yearbooks with a little ice cream doodle.

Proof, if anything, that distance makes the stomach grow fonder.

As an adult, I have 5 ice cream makers and an endless curiosity about flavor varieties, processing methods, and regional differences in the art of ice cream making. I’m always open to recipe suggestions and tips from you!

Despite how dedicated I appear to this, I don’t do this full time. For my 9 to 5, I’m a product designer & developer, and love what I do.

No, I don’t have a favorite flavor.